Past Seminars Seminários Já Decorridos 2016

Surface instabilities and wave propagation in predictive 3D patterning in soft matter

By: João Cabral
From: Imperial College London, UK
At: Faculdade de Ciências, Ed. C1, 1.3.14
[2016-04-21] 11:15

Patterning of soft matter provides exceptional routes for the generation of micro/nanostructured and functional surfaces. We describe the propagation of planar wavefronts of network formation emanating from an illuminated surface during photopolymerisation and report a 3D patterning approach based on coupling planar growth with precisely controlled, yet spontaneous, interfacial instabilities. Photopolymerisation is a complex spatio-temporal process that may lead to well-defined fronts, both stable and unstable. We investigate this light-driven frontal photopolymerisation (FPP) process with a combination of experiments, analytical and numerical modelling. Frontal growth of a series of multifunctional polymers is quantified and described with a ‘minimal’ coarse-grained model, in terms an order parameter Φ(x,t) characterising the extent of monomer-to-polymer conversion. The non-trivial aspects of FPP derive from the coupling of optical attenuation coefficient μ(x,t) and the growing non-uniform network h(x,t). The effect of temperature and nanoparticle fillers (silica, titania, and carbon nanotubes) is elucidated and agrees remarkably with model predictions. Using these results, FPP is demonstrated as a photolithographic3D fabrication process.


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