Past Seminars Seminários Já Decorridos 2009

A continuous model for Aeolian sand dunes and its application to barchan dune fields and vegetated parabolic dunes

By: Orencio Duran
From: ESPCI, Paris
At: Complexo Interdisciplinar, B1-01
[2009-09-16] 12:00

The existence of a minimal size for Aeolian dunes of about 10 m long, and thus, the impossibility of generate them in wind tunnel experiments, has led to an enormous emphasis in numerical simulations as the simplest, and sometimes the only, tool to get insight into the dune emergence and evolution under controlled conditions. In this talk, I am going to present a continuous sand transport model developed in successive contributions by the H.J.Herrmanns group, and I will focus on two main applications: first, the emergence of barchan dune fields from a beach as a result of the coupling of a longitudinal and transversal instability, and second, the inactivation of fully developed barcan dunes. By including vegetation into the model, we were able to study the emergence of inactive parabolic dunes from active barchans, and hence, to uncover the mechanisms underlying the dune deactivation induced by the vegetation growth.