Past Seminars Seminários Já Decorridos 2009

Dissipative solitons: Roadmap to high energy pulses out of laser oscillators

By: Nail Akhmediev
From: Optical Sciences Group, Institute of Advanced Studies, ANU, Canberra, Australia
At: Complexo Interdisciplinar, Anfiteatro
[2009-04-01] 12:00

Dissipative soliton resonance is a phenomenon where the energy of a soliton in a dissipative system becomes infinitely high at certain values of the system parameters. Specifically, the systems that can be modeled using the cubic-quintic complex Ginzburg-Landau equation admit a region of parameters with stable solitons whose energy goes to infinity at the boundary of that region. The edge of this region in five-dimensional parameter space is a co-dimension one surface. Thus, the energy of the dissipative solitons remains infinite even when the parameters are changed in a continuous way along that surface. This phenomenon can be useful in designing optical oscillators generating pulses with exceptionally high energies.