José Maria Tavares

Conferences Conferências

Organisation Organização

  • 28th International Liquid Crystal Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, 26-31 July 2020, Member of Organising Committee.
  • MTG Fest - A Workshop in Honour of Margarida Telo da Gama. University of Lisbon, Portugal, 27-28 June 2016, Member of Organising Committee.
  • “9th Liquid Matter Conference” (EPS), member of the local organizing comitee, Lisboa, Portugal (2014).
  • Workshop “CLASS”, membro do Organizing Committee, Lisboa, Portugal (2012).
  • “Flow(ers) and jam(mers): from liquid crystals to grains”, Lisbon, 17-19th June 2009, Chairman (com P. Patrício).

Courses Cursos

  • “Percolation and patchy colloids”, CFTC Summer School: From Soft Matter to Stochastic Processes, Lisbon, July 2011.