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Mykola Tasinkevych

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(n. 1973) PhD in Chemistry, 1999, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw, Poland; Diploma in Physics, 1996, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, UkraineDepartment for Theoretical Physics, Ivan Franko Lviv National University, Lviv, Ukraine.

Scientific interests Áreas de Interesse Científico

Research interests include, but are not limited to, active colloids, superhydrophobic and slippage properties of nanotextured surfaces, liquid crystal-colloid composites, capillary interaction-driven colloidal self-assembly at curved fluid interfaces, effects of topologically nontrivial confinements on the structure of liquid crystals and topological defects.

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  • Publications / Publicações: 54
  • Communications / Comunicações: 51
  • Coordination or Participation in Projects / Coordenação ou Participação em Projectos: 6
  • Supervision / Orientações: 8
  • Conference Organization / Organização de Conferências: 5